Has Your Marriage Taken a Turn?

Has Your Marriage Taken a Turn?

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Marriage isn't always romance and fireworks. In fact, it can take a lot of hard work to maintain your love over the years. If you're struggling to connect with your spouse, consider getting marriage counseling from Mark Groblewski, LCSW in Houston, TX.

We'll help you identify the most serious issues and work through them. We'll also discuss the importance of expressing love and how you can do this in your day-to-day life. Set up an appointment with our marriage therapist today to get started.

3 signs you should try marriage counseling

Marriage counseling can be helpful anytime you're experiencing a rough patch in your relationship. You should consider seeing a therapist if:

1. Your relationship has lost all intimacy
2. You can't seem to talk without fighting
3. You're worried about affairs or keeping secrets

One or both of you may be withdrawing from your spouse due to a lack of need fulfillment. This can manifest itself through negative actions or ignoring your partner. Mark can help you learn to combat tis negativity by verbally expressing your love for each other through various techniques.

It's not too late to work on your marriage. Make an appointment with our marriage therapist based in Houston, TX today.