"Thank you so much for such an emotionally raw and real workshop. This has already helped my husband and I connect and understand better, and I know we will only grow stronger with the tools we have learned."

"I feel the techniques will help provide a strong foundation for the partnership."

"Great job. You two were a great team and compliment each other well."

Would you recommend this workshop and why?

Absolutely. This was incredibly insightful and has helped me understand why I react the way I do in so many situations.

"Yes. It has given us great tools to allow us to talk and most importantly listen better.

"Yes, 1000%. Everyone fears they are the problem. That misses the point. Your problem isn't the problem. It's your way of reacting."

"Yes, to heal and improve their relationship."

"Yes - this is not just for troubled marriages. Anyone can benefit from these structures."